Case Study 1 - Solar Panel Installation in Plano, TX


Cost to Install the system
Average yearly consumption from grid
Average yearly electric bill before solar
Average Yearly bill after solar
Average yearly Solar production
Average yearly Solar Savings
Case Summary

This valued solar customer has saved over $9800 from the time he got his system in June of 2014 till June of 2019. His system has managed to produce 81716.23KW of clean, green, renewable solar energy. This case study clearly shows solar is the way to go.

Based on these numbers this system will recover the cost of install in approximately 7 years. Then the system and the solar energy produced is completely free, not to mention added value to his house by going solar.

If this customer decides to sell his house in 7 years, the new owners would be extremely motivated to purchase this house as the system is completely free for them and instantly saving them on electric bill.

Solar yield per year after solar panel installation
Savings in Dollars each year post solar panel installation
Green Summary

This valued customer has not only had financial gains but also managed to save our environment. The above table shows the carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions equivalencies. His average solar production of 16,343KW saves our environment of carbon emissions of 11.6 metric tons every year. Go Green! Save Green!


Greenhouse Gas Emissions from
CO2 Emissions from
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided by
Carbon Sequestered by
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