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Federal Solar Tax Credit 2021 in Dallas

Installing solar panels on homes or businesses is a great long-term investment and saves money while saving our environment.  If you are planning on installing solar system for home, solar income tax credit is a great incentive that helps make this investment even better. The Federal Solar Tax Credit is the solar incentive that can be helpful for everyone whether you’re a homeowner or have a small/ large organization. With Federal Solar Tax credit installing solar panels has become very affordable and easy.

This year installing solar panel with 26% federal solar tax credit is the best deal that cannot be missed. This benefit of 26% solar tax credit will be reduced to 22% in 2021.  Starting 2022 there will be no federal credit for homeowners. So, as the incentives taper down dramatically, homeowners should take this incentive benefit to help reduce overall cost of owning a solar system.  For instance, if the solar system costs $22000 including installation and solar panels, you can get $5720 back in tax credit.  If you do not have the tax liability to offset this amount this year, it carries forward to next year.


  • 99% of our clients choose this model as it includes the 26% Federal Tax Credit.

Deferred Ownership

  • This option was created for those who can’t absorb the 26% Federal Tax Credit.

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