150 KW : BAPS, Dallas, TX – Planting Trees, Harvesting the Sun

$21,900 Savings Yearly

  • This commercial solar installation produces estimated 219,000 KWH yearly and this client saves about $21,900 per year.
  • System Size
    –   150 KW System
  • Year Installed
    –   2016 (100 KW) & 2017 (50 KW)
  • Watts
    –   315 watts each
  • Solar Panel Brand
    –   Yingli
  • Number of Panels
    –   490 Solar Panels
  • Inverter Brand
    –  Fronius
  • Number of Inverters
    –   8
  • KWH Produced
    –   219,000 Yearly
  • Savings
    –   $21,900 Yearly

BAPS is a Hindu religious institution with branches all over the world. They strongly believe in saving the environment and host many events in support of this mission. BAPS charities host walkathons every year to help fund the Nature Conservancy’s effort to plant one billion trees by 2025. BAPS has funded the planting of 361,000 trees since 2016. Universal Solar System decided to help them take their mission a step further and installed what became a 150KW system at no charge. This system allowed them to reduce their carbon footprint equivalent to planting 0.125 acres of forests in one year. We had initially installed 100KW in 2016. The organization was so happy with the results and how much they were able to offset their electric bills that they decided to add another 50KW, which was again installed by USS at no charge. A challenge we encountered was that their beautiful, traditionally styled building has several domes and not a lot of flat square footage, so we designed and successfully installed a ground-mount system for them. If you want to go solar, USS will help you find a way.


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