40 KW : Valero Station – Powderly, TX – Safe Solar & Gas Pumps

$5,840 Savings Yearly

  • This commercial solar installation produces estimated 58,400 KWH yearly and this client saves about $5,840 per year.
  • System Size
    –  40 KW System
  • Year Installed
    –   2016
  • Watts
    –   285 watts each
  • Solar Panel Brand
    –   Hanwha Solar
  • Number of Panels
    –   108 Solar Panels
  • Inverter Brand
    –  Fronius
  • Number of Inverters
    –   3
  • KWH Produced
    –   58,400 Yearly
  • Savings
    –   $5,840 Yearly

One of our older USDA REAP projects. Because the installation was on a gas station, this project was a first for us. There were very strict safety codes we needed to follow. As you might expect, anywhere near highly flammable materials, solar panel installation must be performed with extreme care to exacting requirements to ensure that it will not become a fire hazard, which in the case of a gas station could be truly disastrous. USS successfully installed fireproof electrical conduits and worked with fire department and got everything done per fire code. Though some of the safety provisions were new to us, our crews are expert in getting the details right for every installation we do. We do it right the first time!


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