12.98 KW : Plano, TX – Solar Savings

$1,895 Savings Yearly

  • This residential solar installation produces estimated 18,950 KWH yearly and this client saves about $1,895 per year.
  • System Size
    –   12.98 KW System
  • Year Installed
    –   2014
  • Watts
    –   295 watts each
  • Solar Panel Brand
    –   ReneSola
  • Number of Panels
    –   44 Solar Panels
  • Inverter Brand
    –  Sunny Boy
  • Number of Inverters
    –   1
  • KWH Produced
    –   18,950 Yearly
  • Savings
    –   $1,895 Yearly

The owner is one of our longest-standing customers, and he was happy to share his savings data with us from over the years after going solar in 2014. (His case study will be published soon on our website.) The data he gathered for us clearly shows the financial benefits of going solar. Bottom line: in a few years, the initial cost of any solar panel installation in Plano is completely offset, so that for the lifetime of the installation all the owner’s electricity bills are “paid in advance.”


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