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Reference Energy Credit Calculations

Universal Solar System believes in providing best post installation service to our customers. Once solar panel installation is completed, this reference sheet will help with understanding the calculations of the energy credits and utility provider billing information. The calculations remain same for most part with residential solar installation or commercial solar installations. Solar power system calculations can be confusing and so Universal Solar System has come up with an easy reference sheet for customers.

Step 1 – Electric Bill

  • Consumption – x KWH
  • Energy Credit – y KWH


Step 2 – Online Monitoring

  • Total production for the month – a KWH


Step 3 – Power used directly from solar panels

  • Formula = Total monitoring for the month – Energy Credit from electric bill


Step 4 – Total Energy usage for the month

  • Consumption from Step 3 + Consumption from Electric Bill


Are the terms/language common on electric bills to gather data for consumption or energy credits?

All utility companies and online monitoring companies may have different terminology for above steps. The goal is to identify the production, usage, and consumption data on different platforms.

How do we calculate the billing period dates for our solar panel system production?

Billing cycle dates are mentioned on your electric bills from utility companies. End date is usually calculated as one day subtracted from the end date on the bill.

What is the most important step to remember while calculating this data?

Please make sure the time periods match between all platforms to get accurate data.

How is solar production reported to utility companies?

The solar power that is generated and used directly by you is not recorded by utility company as it gets used up when produced. The excess that flows to utility companies is the number recorded by the utility companies and reflected on your bill.

How do we find out the how much we used from solar energy production?

Online monitoring will show the total solar production. Subtract the recorded energy from utility companies from total solar production and you will know the missing number and that number is the direct electricity used from solar by your residential or commercial property.

How do we find out the how much we used from solar energy production?

To find out how much electricity is reported back to grid, following are the steps:


a.  For Oncore – Create an account on

b.  For Coserv – Create an account at

c.  For Other companies, please contact your utilities providers.

How does solar affect utility billing?

We can help figure out solar power generation data on your utility bill. But we do not control utility company billing, so you will need to call your utility providers for billing related questions.

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