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Solar Panels for Your Home

Universal Solar System has successfully completed over 350 Residential solar panel installation in Dallas – Fort Worth, Austin and surrounding Metroplexes. Our solar consultants analyze your energy needs, your location and make your free proposal. Below are some of our completed projects with details. Call us today and schedule your complimentary consult!

Are you looking for solar installation for your home in Texas? Get best solar panels for home use and save money. We have done solar panel installation for home in Dallas and Plano. Our company has good experience in residential solar panel installation.  Contact us and learn more about saving money while going green.

Residential Solar panels for your home

We all expect a good return or good use of our resources, especially the ones that we invest in. Solar panel system is no different and return on investment is important with solar panel systems. Universal Solar System provides you with the best equipment including system design, solar inverters, solar batteries, solar panel mounting frames, cables to selection of MPPT charge controllers. Innovation, dedication, and integration are the prerequisites for a quality work that would ensure good returns in the long run and USS presumably tops it.

Why choose us for residential solar panels?

  • Innovative designs
    With sleek designs and advanced technology, we are the pioneers in our industry. Remote monitoring enables real time tracking of solar panel system performance.
  • Affordable charges
    We are best in industry for project quality, affordability, and execution deadlines.
  • 24×7 trustworthy assistance
    Rise and shine with residential solar panels design by us for homes. Our reliable and supporting team provides you a trustworthy assistance whenever it is needed.
  • Expert guidance
    Our in-house expertise and strong experience in this industry provides you an expert guidance whenever it is needed.
  • Superior Aesthetics
    You might consider solar panels as being the unattractive monstrosity on your roof, however, the systems designed by us not only offers an outstanding power output, but they also feature sleek, all-black design perfect for pleasing aesthetics on residential projects..
  • Unrivalled performance
    Solar panels absorb sunlight and converts it into electricity which is used to offset your energy usage in homes. The solar panels installed by Universal Solar Systems are designed to offer a maximum efficiency. These panels are also made to withstand strong winds, temperatures, and snowstorms.
  • Solar panel meant to last
    With a class-leading output, our systems feature most efficient tier 1 solar panels in the market. The Solar panel designed by us for wide ranging racking compatibility and durability.
  • Comparatively lower costs
    Financial incentives along with solar renewable energy certificates and other business benefits decreases cost greatly.
As the only solar power master dealer, we offer premium quality products and workmanship by certified and experienced team specializing in complex projects.

Why should we have solar panels installed in our home?

The biggest concern for every household is the rising electric costs. The lifespan of solar panels is at least 25 years which pays off your installation costs and saves on electric bills. The Solar Energy being the most flexible form of renewable energy, is easy to afford and would save immensely on electricity bills.

    • Low-cost Power
      Residential solar panels are low-cost power generation systems and reduce your electric bill.
    • Renewable Energy
      No greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels anymore, solar energy is directly utilized from the sun.
    • Low to NO Maintenance
      In Texas, solar panels don’t need much maintenance. The weather is most conducive for going solar here!
    • Smart Investment
      Thousands of dollars are saved on electric bills via solar energy. With a variety of financing options, the cost of installing a solar panel can be reduced to a great extent.
    • Large number of Appliances
      Enough electric energy is provided by home solar systems to fulfill all the power requirements in your home. It provides power to all electrical gadgets like computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, music systems, TVs, air conditioners and more.
    • Great return on Investment
      Solar has proven to have a great ROI, especially for commercial solar installations. Contact Universal Solar System and find out more about ROI numbers on your project.
    • Eco Friendly
      No depletion of fossil fuels takes place and hence it is called sustainable energy for future generations.

Why choose USS for residential Solar installation?

The installation of solar power system must be done with great precision for maximum generation of electricity.

  • – Supervision for proper installation of solar rooftop panels is done with fine expertise.
  • – Aspects like tilt angle and direction are judged accurately.
  • – USS installs batteries and UPS close to the panels thereby minimising DC transmission losses.
  • – Maximum permissible voltage is considered while connecting the panels in series.
  • – With maximum precision, we carry out the installation process for maximum solar output and minimum energy loss.
Thinking About Going Solar?
We would love to create your free and no obligation proposal to show you how much you can save by going solar.