Top 5 Benefits to Switch Your Business to Solar Energy In Austin Texas

1.  It will save your company money
According to recent estimates, the average commercial property owner in the U.S. can reduce their overall energy costs by 75%, just by going solar. The same report notes that the average small-to-medium sized business (SMB) paid roughly $1,950 a month for their electricity before going solar— (just under $24,000 a year). After adding solar panels, they only paid around $500 a month, a savings of almost $1,500!!!

2. Commercial solar installation costs less than you think
A 30kW solar power system works well for most SMBs. In Austin texas solar panel cost for 30kW commercial PV system would have cost around $74,000 (solar pricing has continued to drop since the end of 2018). Many smaller businesses here can install a 10kW solar power system for around $26,000 after deducting the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC)—one third of total installation cost—plus tax credits and incentives from select electric providers.

3. Savings continue to increase long term
Through a combination of lower prices per watt and incentives/rebates, recent data shows that businesses are paying off their solar systems in three to seven years. The greatest benefit of going solar starts after the system is paid for, as you will no longer have a payment for the solar system. Numbers could get even better – if your system produces more energy than you use, you could get credits on your bill each month, thus lowering your electric bill each month.

4. Solar panel systems last a long, long, long time!
Currently, there are solar systems that were built and integrated in the 70’s that are still functioning today! These systems last so long because they are basically maintenance free as there are no moving parts to a system (unless you opt for panels that can track the movement of the sun during the day). Todays’ solar panels and system peripherals are extremely durable and can stand up to high winds and hailstorms as well.

5. You’re doing the planet a favor
In just 24 hours of typical operation, a 10kW system will save the equivalent of 19 gallons of gasoline or 186 pounds. of coal. That translates to nearly 7,000 gallons of gas or 68,000 pounds of coal—just under 34 tons—in a year. That figure does not include all of the additional savings on energy otherwise that is spent on fossil-fuel extraction, transportation, and processing. The system will also reduce your carbon footprint as you won’t be producing any soot, methane or nitrogen oxide air pollution… Have we convinced you yet?