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Harnessing Solar Energy – Why Choose Universal Solar System?

Universal Solar System understands the infinite power of the sun, and we’re committed to making its sustainable energy a significant part of the worlds energy future. We continue to achieve that by providing innovative solar energy solutions and proven financial savings, while helping protect the environment as well. Install solar power for home and business and save money!


Innovation in solar energy services by delivering more solar energy while helping protect the environment.

Relentless pursuit

Relentless pursuit of the right tools, techniques, products and technologies that maximize the financial gains associated with photovoltaic solar electricity for our customers.

Environmental accountability

Environmental accountability by staying committed to increasing zero-emission energy worldwide.


Integrity by maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

Respect for our employees

Respect for our employees by rewarding hard work, loyalty and dedication with respect, opportunity and industry leading benefits.


Collaboration with partners and customers to deliver viable sustainable energy solutions that make solar energy a significant part of the worldwide energy portfolio.

Thinking About Going Solar?
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