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Estimate Your Savings with Solar Installation

Want to know about how much you can save on your electric bills with solar? How many panels you’ll need to halve or eliminate that bill? Our Solar Calculator will help us give you an idea. Unlike the calculators some companies have on their sites, ours won’t pop out an estimate the end. We prefer to use our extensive experience to give you a better estimate based on the information you give us here.


Let’s get started with some basics.

 Don’t worry—we won’t sell your personal information to anyone or bombard you with email ads. We just want to be able to follow up with you after you use our calculator for a first-round rough estimate.

    * Property Type?

    Commercial panels are different from residential ones. They’re bigger, for one thing–72 cells as against 60 for residential—and they’re not generally designed with esthetics in mind. For more on choosing the right solar panels for your home or business, see our most recent blog, “Picking Panels.”


    * How Shaded is your Home or Building?

    Of course, this only gives us a very rough estimate—if you decide you’re ready to go solar, we’ll actually measure the total amount of sunlight falling on your rooftop at different times of day, then calculate a daily average. If your roof is very shaded, we’ll recommend that you trim any overhanging foliage. But it will help us to give you a better idea of how many panels you’ll need once we know more.


    * How many Kilowatt-Hours (kWh) do you use per average month?

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the average Texas household needs nearly 14,000 kWh of power per year or 1,166.67 kWh per month. To make that much electricity from your roof, you’d need a 9.8-kW solar system. How does your home power consumption stack up?


    * What percentage of this power do you want to offset with solar?

    Now, you may just want to cut this amount by half, say. You may want to eliminate it altogether. Or you may want to generate enough extra electricity that you can sell it back to your power retailer or charge a couple of electric vehicles. We can design your system to meet any of these requirements.


    * How much is your bill in an average per month?

    With a modest investment, payable over time, you can make all or part of this go away for good—while helping to save the earth from climate disaster. We’ll help you decide, and we’ll help you do it in the most cost-effective way.