70 KW : Studio 6 – Sweetwater, TX – Huge Savings After Hail

$10,220 Savings Yearly

  • This commercial solar installation produces estimated 102,200 KWH yearly and this client saves about $10,220 per year.
  • System Size
    –  70 KW System
  • Year Installed
    –   2017
  • Watts
    –   325 watts each
  • Solar Panel Brand
    –   JA Solar
  • Number of Panels
    –   224 Solar Panels
  • Inverter Brand
    –  Fronius
  • Number of Inverters
    –   4
  • KWH Produced
    –   102,200 Yearly
  • Savings
    –   $10,220 Yearly

We had to work on three fronts with this project of installing solar on a large extended-stay hotel. To begin with, the roof was damaged by hail when we started. The owner was concerned on every front with his roof situation. We were able to demonstrate the durability of solar panels in even severe hailstorms to the owners. Universal Solar worked with the insurance company, the roofers, and the USDA’s REAP grant staff to get this project successfully completed. Because of the location and the steepness of the roof, we had to hire special equipment to move materials and take extra care to work this project. But this 70KW project cost the owners only $5,000 after the grants and utility savings! If you’re a small business or a franchise owner thinking about going solar, you may be eligible for government financial support. Get in touch with us!


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