15.05 KW : Richardson, TX – Pool Power

$2,182 Savings Yearly

  • This residential solar installation produces estimated 21,823 KWH yearly and this client saves about $2,182 per year.
  • System Size
    –   15.05 KW System
  • Year Installed
    –   2019
  • Watts
    –   295 watts each
  • Solar Panel Brand
    –   JA Solar
  • Number of Panels
    –   51 Solar Panels
  • Inverter Brand
  • Number of Inverters
    –   1
  • KWH Produced
    –   21,823 Yearly
  • Savings
    –   $2,182 Yearly

This customer has a large swimming pool. If you don’t happen to own a good-sized pool, you may not know that they consume a surprising amount of energy via their pumping and filtration systems. The average swimming pool costs between $800 and $1,200 to run annually on grid power – consuming between 2,000 and 3,000 kWh. That’s about $23 a week. Our customer loves his pool, and so his goal in getting a home solar system installed was simply to reduce his electric bill. In 2019, Universal Solar was able to offset over 80% of his electricity consumption.


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